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Friday, September 17, 2010

Victor H. Juarez

With a great event that will bring together the main players of the advertising industry in Central America, the digital media company of Guatemalan origin, Latin Interactive Group, subsidiary of Grupo Interactivo S.A. and the world's leading Internet portal Yahoo, will present to the public the new commercial representation agreement that the companies recently signed.

The agreement, which took place a few months ago, grants Latin Interactive Group representation for Yahoo's online and mobile advertising sales in the Central American market, which includes Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama, and opens a door for advertisers to effectively connect with Yahoo's large and actively engaged online audience.

The partnership agreement provides Yahoo with an immediate local sales presence throughout Central America and adds the portal's online graphic inventory to the robust local online advertising portfolio of Latin Interactive Group, a company specializing in digital media.

The two companies will combine efforts to promote online advertising sales by leveraging Yahoo's reach in the region and its audience targeting technologies. Through Yahoo's network, businesses that have a presence in several countries will be able to run campaigns in one or more Central American markets, allowing them to consolidate and simplify their ad buys.

"Only Yahoo! can bring, through its partnership with Latin Interactive, dimensions such as science, art and scale to Central American advertisers," said Armando Rodriguez, general manager of Yahoo! Hispanic Americas. "The Central American advertising market is maturing, as local businesses are shifting a more significant portion of their advertising budgets to online as they look to increase the effectiveness of their campaigns. Advertisers will leverage the powerful combination of Latin Interactive Group's expertise in interactive advertising campaigns across online and mobile platforms and Yahoo!'s ability to connect with actively engaged audiences.

"At Latin Interactive we strive to represent the best Web publishers in Central America, so we can offer advertisers and agencies the most effective means to communicate interactively with their ideal audience," said Gustavo Ortiz, president of Latin Interactive Group. "Our partnership with Yahoo! gives us access to the world's leading expert in digital advertising, a large user population and the powerful Yahoo! brand, synonymous with personally relevant Internet experiences.

The agreement leverages Latin Interactive's local advertising relationships, which add more effective staff to sell Yahoo! online display inventory to local businesses throughout Central America. Traditionally, local businesses have focused their local advertising efforts largely on search marketing, but now there are new opportunities for businesses to extend their presence through selectively targeted interactive online display advertising.

Yahoo's digital inventory is now available to advertisers in the region through Latin Interactive Group's sales staff.

About Yahoo!

Yahoo! attracts hundreds of millions of users each month with its innovative technology and compelling content and services, making it one of the most trafficked destinations on the Internet and one of the most recognized online media companies in the world. Yahoo!'s goal is to become the center of people's online lives through Internet experiences that are useful and of personal interest to them. Yahoo! is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California.

About Latin Interactive Group

Latin Interactive Group, is a holding of companies that based on the understanding of digital media and its consumption in Central America has been dedicated in recent years to provide integrated solutions for strategy, buying and development on digital and mobile platforms to agencies, media buyers and brands. Latin Interactive Group has, since its inception, the vision of the proper development of the industry in the region, based on premium platforms such as Yahoo!, technological developments and an understanding of the consumer as an Internet user that allows using this combination in building brands and all optimal strategy for the needs of its customers. Nowadays, Latin Interactive Group has the infrastructure of Grupo Interactivo Centroamérica and manages operations from its offices in Miami, Guatemala (Hub), El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama that allow for the appropriate service to the geographic and demographic needs of the market in each Central American country.

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