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The innovation in its platforms and services that makes Latin Interactive stand out, allows it to add to its portfolio interesting projects for the digital advertising industry.


Coca Cola

First transactional and multiplatform campaign in Central America.
Coca Cola used TUNAD technology to take advantage of the Copa America rating by activating push notifications to broadcast the most relevant actions of the match in 500 milliseconds. It also complemented the TV ads with Facebook advertising to generate traffic to the Dominio's Pizza website.



We have developed important alliances and partnerships with major television stations in each country of Central America! to jointly offer a value proposition to the market by demonstrating results in real time searches based on our partnership with Google. This helps us to measure our customer’ on-air creative or spots and optimize their television budgets.



Integrates Latin Interactive as its digital strategic arm to support the fulfillment of its objectives from the creation of digital assets such as its website, corporate and promotional videos, as well as social media management, booking platforms and CS.     Also, the purchase of digital platform according to the target for traffic generation.



In the pandemic they have the challenge of increasing orders in Costa Rica through the main Delivery platform GLOVO.
Taking advantage of the television exposure of its "Ojo con el Antojo de Big Mac" (Eyes on the craving by Big Mac) campaign, McDonald's used TUNAD synchronization technology to develop a complementary campaign to the message they launched on TV, buying advertising on Facebook and Push Notifications to generate traffic to GLOVO and thus, managed to boost home delivery orders.



The Aleve brand in its launching of the "Aleve PM" version integrates TUNAD technology to counteract the television and radio exposure of the competition, activating in Google under the Display format to generate traffic to its website.



Latin Interactive participates in the program for entrepreneurs of the UNDP and the Municipality of Guatemala with its synchronization platform TUNAD, standing out for being the only company in the project that presents its own technology. With a 100% functioning, both, at the level of Hardware, Software and defined marketing models.

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