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Latin Interactive bets on the implementation of hardware in Latin America to boost Synchronization in Television and most relevant digital media


1.    Listen and Identify: 
Technology has the ability to listen 24/7 and identify in real time TV commercial excerpts by brand, channel and content or important happenings within a soccer event, then:

2.    Activate 
Once the brand has the television panorama, it will be able to synchronize its campaigns in 500 milliseconds or activate against the competition on the main platforms

3.- Analyze 
Your Business Intelligence unit allows you to connect to the brand's google analytics technology to measure the traffic generated to your website from the moment a TV commercial is triggered.

The versatility of the technology allows us to work together with brands of different categories and with the main TV stations.


First transactional and multiplatform campaign in

Central America.Coca Cola took advantage of the Copa America rating with TUNAD's technology, activating push notifications to transmit in 500 milliseconds the most relevant actions of the match, as well as complementing TV commercials with Facebook advertising to generate traffic to Dominio's Pizza's website.

Coca Cola Successful Case 


The Aleve brand in its launch of the "Aleve PM" version integrates TUNAD technology to its strategy to counteract the television and radio exposure of the competition, activating on Google under the Display format to generate traffic to its website.

Bayer Successful Case 


We have developed important alliances and partnerships with major television stations in each country of Central America! to jointly offer a value proposition to the market by demonstrating results in real time searches based on our partnership with Google. This helps us to measure our customer's on-air creatives or Spots and optimize their television budgets.

Globo Successful Case 

Technology has been key to demonstrate that television and the digital world go hand in hand, this is due to the fact that users today are multiplatform. 
That is why TunAd builds a synergy to add value to the television companies by providing them with its technology.

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