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Digital Agency + TV Advertising Optimizer

The innovation, technological and fiscal infrastructure that characterizes us allows us to add a plus to your television purchases throughout the region, having an overview for the optimization of advertising investments from the launch of a spot to the actions that it generates in the digital assets of the brand.

Other important points that accompany our value proposition are:

  • Planning, contracting, implementation and local billing throughout the region.

  • Real-time monitoring of own brand, competitors and related brands.

  • Connecting Google Analytics to our Business Intelligence allows us to know the effectiveness of the purchase in several points such as.

  • Which channel brings more action to my digital asset.

  • Which audience drives the most action when my advertising spot is shown.

  • Which spot brings more action to my audience to interact with my brand.

  • In which minute my audience interacts the most when my spot is shown.

  • What is the increase of my KIPs when synchronizing my campaign.

  • Which is the best time and channel to achieve different KIPs (branding or interaction).

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