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First Digital Media Festival in Panama

Panama. July 20, 2017 - The digital world is growing exponentially. There are more and more media and platforms that allow advertisers to make smarter and more efficient digital ad buys.

Last Wednesday, July 12, the first Digital Media Festival was held in Panama under the name, Festival Media Panama 2017, this event brought together important digital media exponents such as KidsCorp, Facebook, Yahoo, Taboola, among others to show the digital industry the proposals and platforms of publishers in the region.

Festival Media Panama 2017 was held at the Hotel Plaza RIU in Panama thanks to the planning and organization of Latin Interactive Group (LIG) - digital media company with the most exclusive representations for Central and South America - in conjunction with Star Holding - the largest and most relevant communications group in Panama and Central America.

The event was attended by more than 100 people from the country's advertising industry, including profiles such as media planners, creatives, decision makers, marketers, among others. The event program began at 8:00 a.m. with a breakfast for the attendees, who were then invited to the conference room where they were invited to speak: Mariana Peluffo & Juan Patti, (Wunderman), Demian Falestchi (CEO KidsCorp) Ignacio Casas (Client Partner Facebook), Henry Zamarripa (Sales Director LatAm Oath), Javier Chanfreau (CEO Medula), Juan Carlos Valdes (Head of Media Sales LatAm Taboola) and Eric Tourtel, (Vice President LatAm Teads). Finally, Gustavo Ortiz, CEO of Latin Interactive Group gave the closing remarks and invited the audience to enjoy the cocktail party.

"We are very happy for this great event, bringing together the most important publishers in the region is not easy but they all trusted us, our vision and objectives. For Latin Interactive Group it is very important to educate and show the most innovative to the people that day by day are involved in the digital industry; that is why we have on our side the best digital advertising companies with the best platforms and technologies" said Gustavo Ortiz, CEO Latin Interactive Group.

More events like this one will be held in the region for Guatemala and Costa Rica; other marketing activities are being planned for the rest of the region (Honduras, Colombia, Chile, Argentina). Michel Talavera, Product and Marketing Manager for LIG said that these activities help media, agencies and advertisers to understand the needs/behaviors of the markets and to initiate more compact personal relationships.

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