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Google Day Guatemala shows new horizons

Gustavo Ortiz, CEO of Latin Interactive talks about advertising investment in the region.

Colombian Paula Andrea García, Google's New Business Development representative for the Andean, Central America and Caribbean region, was in charge of showing the trends and horizons of the web world during the Google Day Guatemala, which took place this Thursday in a hotel in the capital city.

GUATEMALA CITY- What was a family's lifestyle like 20 years ago? Perhaps an image of a family gathered in front of the television comes to mind.

The truth is that this scenario has changed and everyone is connected to the internet and social networks, through different devices.

"The most powerful weapon in the world is the web," said Paula Garcia during Google Day in Guatemala.

This conception is a truth if you consider that in a day more than 300 million emails are sent in Latin America, 100 thousand tweets are launched per minute or that on Facebook almost 70 thousand images are uploaded per minute.

In his presentation, García highlighted these statistics analyzed by Google in order to establish new marketing and brand loyalty models.

The case of Guatemala does not escape from this reality, since there are currently more than 4 million Internet users.

In view of this panorama, García exemplified new methods of reaching users through different interactive, multimedia and graphic tools, which in addition to generating interaction with users, allow for greater brand loyalty.

"Guatemala is a very important country for us; we see a great market potential. We want there to be a change of switch in the head to know that conventional media are not the only ones to publicize products and services," the expert told Prensa Libre.

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