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Guatemala and Costa Rica use Google the most in the region

Feb 23, 2015

26% of Guatemalan Internet users use Google for their online searches

Of the countries in the region, Costa Rica ranks first in use of the platform, followed by Guatemala. However, "there is still a market to be discovered," says Paula García, director of the company's offices in Colombia.

Companies that invest in advertising and seek to expand their segments or increase their sales have the option of exploring and leveraging the platforms provided by the search engine.

Google Day is a meeting with executives and marketing experts that seeks to open markets in the digital part.

"We see a huge potential in Guatemala, as well as throughout Central America, because we want companies and individuals to know the solutions and keep us in mind for their marketing budgets," said Garcia.

"The projected investment will depend on the objective of the campaign and the segment to grow the brand. The big Google advertisers that fight to be in the top spots are airlines, which pay up to $4 per click," said Gustavo Ortiz, CEO of Latin Interactive, the agency that organized the meeting.

YouTube in the Isthmus

The company has three services, of which two are the most important that apply to the country, the search engine, the Google display network, which are associated pages where they have inventory of advertising to capture interactive banners and advertising in general, and the third platform is YouTube.

"There is a project to develop it in Central America. Last year we launched it in Puerto Rico, but it is still in the planning stage," said García.

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