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The Brazilian startup TunAd, which operates with the Moment Marketing platform, an instrument capable of synchronizing advertisements broadcast on radio or TV with online actions, is betting on the expansion of its business in Latin America.

After participating in a digital marketing event in Guatemala, partners, Ricardo Monteiro and Cesar Sponchiado closed a representation agreement in the region with agency Latin Interactive Group, which operates with nine offices in Latin countries and a base in Miami.

The executives were at the Antigua Festival, where Monteiro gave a lecture on "Moment Marketing: how and how much TV reach influences digital decisions" to more than 150 media professionals, advertisers and vehicles from Guatemala, Panama and Costa Rica.

For Monteiro, CSO at TunAd, being the only Brazilian invited to speak on the subject at a marketing and content event with more than 1,500 registered participants was essential to open a market in Central America.

"What we showed about Moment Marketing was a novelty for them. I can say that 95% of the professionals present had never heard of this theme, which is already a success in the USA and Europe. This brings many gains for us in terms of marketing and technology, since we are a totally Brazilian startup investing in such a revolutionary way to do marketing", he explains.

The Moment Marketing platform is currently one of the most modern and promising aspects of the communication evolution process in the world. It synchronizes online communication actions with several offline media manifestations, monitored 24 hours a day, in real time. The brand takes advantage of themes dealt with by the offline media to immediately trigger an advertising campaign in the online environment and optimize its reach.

This happens when the consumer watches a TV program or hears a message about a certain product on the radio and goes looking for more information on the subject through his second screen, be it a cell phone or tablet. In these micro moments "Moment Marketing" works, creating a multi-screen campaign for an audience that is more receptive to a brand's messages.

Among the brands that have already used this platform with positive results and increased sales are Novalgina, by Sanofi, Nespresso by Nestlé, Kroton, and Activia.

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